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3d old nyc checker cab modelOur adventure starts in the late 80s, when the Italian ultras movement was experiencing a transitory period, filled with a particular ferment. New minor groups rise among almost all the organized ultras in Italy with the aim to take back the ? 10-15 years earlier. In many cases, these established groups seem also to have lost their initial vitality. Among all such attempts, IRRIDUCIBILI will be, no doubt, the more successful one. The group makes its debut at Olimpico on October 18th 1987, in a squalid Serie B? Lazio-Padova (it will finish 1-1), and follow the match from a famous spot, the mythical ?muretto centrale?, which was occupied, until then, by the Viking group. Many people, who in the previous years did much for Curva Nord, are called back to join the newborn group. During its first period, the group has some peculiar characteristics: a very few members, whose average age is quite high.

The name is original indeed, but what does it really mean? IRRIDUCIBILI expresses the will not to accept any compromise with all the realities that surrounded S.S. Lazio, and in particular with the ? TV networks and with the Lazio Clubs. There is the will to re-affirm the ultras mentality, the spontaneous support without any sectarianism and moralism; there is the will to change the Curva Nord? Eagles Supporters (worshipped by all the Lazio?s world), accused to have divided the Curva into sons and stepsons. It?s not by chance that Irriducibili travel in train for the away matches, in contraposition to ? Eagle?s coach?; and indeed, it is the youngsters who already used to follow Lazio away by train those who join the group first. Many of them will become really attached to the group, representing, for them, the revenge towards those who considered them sort of ? Summing up, the attempt is to create a new group which takes from the 70s, calling back to the ?

The famous ?Mr. Enrich? Our mascot, a man wearing a bowler had and throwing kicks, taken from an anti-conformist character in a Britannic comic, would make its debut very soon, on a sticker. The very first period was not that brilliant, and, looking back, we can certainly say that only a few understood what this new group was really about; soon, however, things started to change, with the group taking the new path as it was meant to be. It?s time for the first display, realized with several flags with a check pattern and the ? Irriducibili? name painted on them. Maybe it was not great stuff, but for those times it was more than enough. Moreover we were showing that we were there. What will Irriducibili do today? This was the question that Curva Nord asked herself every Sunday, a sign that people were gladly getting used to our displays. The originality was our most peculiar feature.

And for the sake of originality, sometimes we passed the line. Like that day when, in order to have a more colorful Curva, we prepared multicolor flags (some were fluorescent) instead of the traditional white and pale blue. We realized it was a mistake, and abandoned the experiment. It is interesting to notice that Irriducibili introduce a banner which is only 10 meters long, in contraposition to those extremely wide used everywhere, with however ghost groups behind them. No section, no affiliated groups: Irriducibili is unique, and represents all those who gather at the ? Let?s talk a while about following Lazio away. 6 December 1987. The majority follows Eagles on their coaches, while Irriducibili travel by train. At the Genova railway station, about 800 Laziali get off the train. Irriducibili take the lead of this group of supporters, who then form a procession to reach the stadium: a completely new way to introduce themselves to the rival supporters, with Laziali approaching the stadium united and compact.