Ng Wei Aik, Ngeh, Nga and Hannah are Beauty, Truth, Goodness & Righteousness (in corresponding order, i.e. ABU while ‘y’ percent – the opposite 30% who are resolutely ABAI – will now plant feet more firmly to defend their ground. The remaining fence-sitters can tilt either way but Tunku Aziz’s departure from DAP will definitely carry an impact especially with the Malay middle. He has effected a turning of the tide. I really don’t begrudge anyone who wants to kick out Barisan. And I won’t pick a fight with someone who insists on voting Pakatan. My blog has never been about trying to influence how you vote. “I am not against the party at all. “What is CAT? Cat is a slogan. But to him no. But when it comes to 1Malaysia, 1Malaysia is just a slogan. “I’m trying to find an English word for this behaviour, and I can’t. There! That feels good – the copypasting, I mean.

The following line from Tunku Aziz is a cute rebuttal to the conspiracy theorists. Trojan horse. I was invited to join … I do wish DAPsters would take a deep breath, expel the phlegm, and inhale. For those puzzled as to why I’m not with the 80-90 percent of my fellow Chinese … I do not possess any herd mentality at all. A quick note on my background will help you understand. Nobody in my immediate family is Christian or has ever been a Christian. My home language is Chinese. Although both my late parents were English educated, they did not speak English in the house either to each other or to their children. In retrospect, I’m grateful. A reader Joe had commented: “I normally describe FMT writers as part of the middle-class lala brigade. Easily explained, Joe. I do not live in Subang Jaya or Damansara Utama or Bangsar.

I live on the edge of a Chinese new village. In the small pekan, they still have musty sundry shop-cum-Chinese medicine hall where luncheon meat (tinned pork) is displayed on the shelves. These shops don’t stock high-end products or branded goods. There is also an old shop selling joss sticks and other Taoist prayer materials, and an even older shop selling household stuff, e.g. Will anyone ever buy a chipped, cracked pail? There are one or two small tailor shops, one or two motorbike repair shops, and several bukan-Starbucks punya standard coffeeshops (cheap hawker food – I eat) where they play Chinese songs that sound like music from the bygone era of Rediffusion. The kopitiam tables are usually filled with not-young, decidedly un-hip Chinese people. This is the area where I’m residing now. One of my more distant neighbours even has a (disused) well in his yard. My neighbour next door has an altar in her home and burns paper offerings openly on occasion.

If you Google images, you can find many pictures of the Yang Berhormat Adun Subang Jaya in her tudung at the mosques. I’ve never come across any photos of her mingling with the adoring crowd at Chinese folk belief religious festivals. It always amazes me how people seem to think DAP is a Chinese party. A brief narrative of my experience with bloggers and journos. When Perkasa made their police report against me, Joceline Tan was the first to send me a note of support. I thought that was most decent of her. My Barisan Rakyat friends didn’t bother to send messages of encouragement. Ada lagi al-kisah tapi malas nak cerita. When this blog debuted in end-July 2011, the first blogger to put me on his blogroll was ‘A Voice’ (blog name: A Brick in the Wall). He can accept that we have differences of opinion and willing to give me a shout-out.

I’m not on the blogroll of Barisan Rakyat bloggers (e.g. Pakatan bloggers who write in English, with the exception of one or two. However, a handful of the pro-Pakatan bloggers who write in Malay have placed me on their blogrolls. You’ll be surprised to learn this next little detail: Big Dog’s blog “follows” my blog. Big Dog is bashed a lot by the Pakatan crowd but I think many of his postings tackle sober topics/economic issues plus attracting quality commenters. I was mildly surprised but not entirely shocked to find myself recently added to the blogroll of Demi Negara. The DN blogger, Kijangmas, is the guy who initiated the Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua petition. I had called him “far right”. He’s aware that I’m opposed to the SSS movement. Yet he’s broadminded enough to want to read my views. Similarly, I was pleasantly, a slight bit surprised that ‘Stop the Lies’ has included me in his blogroll too. Then there is Rockybru without whom my blog wouldn’t have been able to take off the way it has.