Kini pemain berkebangsaan Spanyol itu merumput bersama Villarreal. Cazorla pun diperkenalkan dengan cara yang tidak biasa oleh klub yang berjuluk The Yellow Submarine tersebut. Santi Cazorla bergabung dengan Villarreal pada Juli 2018 setelah kontraknya bersama Arsenal berakhir. Bersama Villarreal, Cazorla menyepakati kontrak selama satu musim. Namun baru-baru ini klub asal Spanyol tersebut memperkenalkan sang pemain dihadapan publik. Bukan seperti kebanyakan klub memperkenalkan pemain mereka dengan memasuki lapangan kemudian menunjukkan kemampuannya dalam juggling bola, Villarreal melakukan hal yang tidak biasa. Seperti yang dilansir dari Sportbible, Villarreal memperkenalkan Santi Cazorla di depan 4.500 pendukungnya di Estadio de la Ceramica dengan menggunakan trip sulap. Seorang pria yang menjadi dalang dibalik sulap tersebut telah menyiapkan tabung kosong di tengah lapangan. Setelah beberapa detik menunggu, keluarlah asap di dalam tabung sehingga memenuhi tabung tersebut. Tabung itu terisi penuh dengan asap hingga asap itu keluar. Bersamaan dengan itu, asap yang keluar membuat asap yang di dalam tabung perlahan-lahan berkurang. Saat itu juga lah mulai terlihat ada seseorang di dalamnya. Ya, seseorang di dalam tabung itu adalah Santi Cazorla. Pemain berusia 33 tahun itu muncul bersamaan dengan berkurangnya asap di dalam tabung tersebut. Nama Santi Cazorla pun disebut oleh sang pesulap yang diikuti oleh teriakan para penonton di stadion. Penonton yang menyaksikan hal itu terkagum-kagum dan memberikan tepuk tangan yang meriah atas diperkenalkannya Santi Cazorla dengan trik sulap tersebut.

Atraksi sulap // SINGA DEPOK WIDYA nada jaya dari sukaperna kec.Tukdana ...Lazio ? Parma is our moment: we prepare the first stadium display involving the entire Curva Nord; them we go away to Parma, where, at the end of the match, we invade the pitch; finally, with Taranto playing Lazio at Olimpico, we celebrate the promotion to Serie A, in a stadium still yet to be finished. The celebrations follow with some healthy bath in the Roman fountains, and then a procession. This is however not authorised by the authorities and ends up with us being charged by the police: for Lazio, we can bear much more than this. In the summer preceding the new season, Fascetti is sacked. We disagree and contest chairman Calleri? Serramazzoni and the first part of the campionato. During that period, in a few days some of us have their names finishing in the police records: it happens in Milan, in Naples, from where we are sent back to Rome without letting us attend the match; and in Rome, on the occasion of Italy ?

Holland match, where the police let us leave the stadium after the Dutch supporters, and the match was at Olimpico! Had Calleri something to do with it? In the meantime there is some good news too: drums are brought into Olimpico at Lazio ? Verona, but they will not last for long. At Lazio ? Ascoli, ? Mr. Enrich? makes its debut, a photocopied fanzine which is distributed freely and that soon becomes a contact point with the whole Curva. On January 15, for the derby, we decide to support Lazio together with the Eagles, in the bottom zone of Curva Nord. We divide our tasks: the Eagles would take care of the display at the beginning of the match, while we would do the second half one. We prepare 8 big banners with the symbol of S.S. Lazio and as many others with Roma? Olimpico a small number of banners only. Di Canio scores the goal that gives us the victory.

The promises that chairman Calleri made during the summer are not kept, and we get to the derby with the team struggling at the bottom of the table. For our stadium display we insist on the concept of romanita? Trilussa?s poetries; one of them said ? IRRIDUCIBILI IS POETRY?. In the run to avoid relegation we have to meet Juventus away. Calleri offers free transportations by coach to the supporters, but we refuse and remain the only ones who pay to go to Torino! Lazio avoids relegation thanks to a draw with Ascoli. Season 1989/90. Olimpico gets ready for the World Cup, and Lazio will play for all the season at Stadio Flaminio. We show a banner to protest against the waste of money at Olimpico, but this will not be the only ? Montezemolo & Co. Very soon, several ? The Flaminio?s ?muretto?, where we followed Lazio during the entire season, favoured the unity of the group. In the meantime, the wool hats make their debut in Curva.